Forex Trading is a multi-trillion and world largest market consisting of global market traders. It will be difficult to understand what forex trading and forex trading platforms to use without proper knowledge and experience in this industry.

Magic FX Strategy provide traders support and guidance so you know the best forex trade signals, market strategy and analysis. You will be ready in just a short period of time with proper training however it requires patience to master the forex trading and what platform to use.

A trading platform is a piece of software or web application that is a gateway for both traders and brokers. It provides multiple information such as quotes, charts and interface for entering bets or orders to be performed by the broker. Some trading platforms are locally based and installed on the trader’s computer running in different operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux. Though majority of Forex Trading Platforms are running online using Java and dynamic web programming language. There are a lot of advantages in using online platform because you can use it anytime and anywhere as long you have internet access. Mostly are offered free of charge to use and try before going live so you are familiar on how it really works. There are different functionalities for brokers depending on your personally and how often you are active online. There are factors to consider in Forex Trading. First is you need to know if its free or if there is a nominal charge? Are there technical indicators available in the component chart? Is it running in software using Windows, Linux or Mac or is it online based? Can you trade directly from the charts? Is the historical data available? Is it user friendly? Is there an order interface? Does the platform include API for advance programming if possible?

Most forex trading platform allow customers to open a free demo account prior to actual funding. However, it will be difficult to win the market if you don’t have any mentors or coach working with you.